Dan Ashton

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An 'untypical songwriter' with a set of songs rich in contrast.  With rock, classical and jazz influences and the soul of a folk balladeer behind much of it.   

Dan has recently started performing as a solo artitist playing original songs in the South of England and is starting to develop a band line up.   At present he's looking for good opportunities to perform and do more opening slots.

To listen to most recent recordings go to soundcloud.com/danashtonmusic

New song for my son's birthday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWAHeA7tV3A

Sharing Chauffeurs live in Bath - about a lady singer of a certain age looking back on her glory days in the music business when she and Cher would share Chauffeurs...

The Portrait Painter or ('All for a Blush' live in Bath. A song about a Dutchess put to death by the Duke for allegedly having an affair with her portrait painter.  The only evidence though is the blushing cheeks in her portrait....

David ' you do not know pain you who have not lost a child' Not drawn from personal experience more from empathy

BBC Somerset (The Martin Evans Show)

a couple of old recordings

True Love Dancehall

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